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Italian Food – From Australia to Little Italy in Israel

Italian Food on the Go

Italian Food on the Go

Italian Food can be bought around the world but nothing compares  to the meals we ate on our recent trip.  Desserts are always tasty, If you like Tiramisu,  Panna Cota or even a great Gelato which can be found around the world but try one in Florence or Sirmione along Lake Garda and you won’t need to eat for days after.

As a child everyone liked Pizzas not me, then I visited Rome and ate my way through square Pizzas with Zuchinni, Artichokes or Onions with all my favourite Italian Spices Oregano, Rokula – Rocket, or Basil and was hooked.

As for Main Courses Pastas are all the go especially for children whom devour the dish with their favourite sauces such as Nepolitana Tomato Sauce or even additions such as Eggplants, and Green beans with Penne.  Then I discovered Gnocchi but coming across a great Pizza place “SAPORE in San Martino 20 minutes from Verona returning from Venice last year got me hooked. Even my son whom avoids the commercialised versions of Gnocchi here wanted more.

I’ve always had a penchant for Italian food ever since I discovered Grandfathers Moustache in Sydneys Rose Bay or Papa Giovannis an institution in Bondi Beach.  But if your in Melbourne check out any of the places in Carlton Street and you’ll feel like you weer in Italy.

Here in Israel during the Gulf War I discovered Luigis, and the Pera Le Mare in Jerusalem or Little Italy that serve great Kosher Italian Fare. Of course my son favours Spagettim which I treated him to one night in Tel Aviv but any of the branches are popular. Trying Teresa in Rishon Lezion Cinema City is great but their branch in Nes Zionna/Rehovot is best where we celebrate Birthdays.

So if you are near Verona or close to Bussolengo this Summer Check out Paradiso Della Frutta for great fruit desserts on their outside porch or a Great local hangout with a garden for the best meals  and of course my most recent discovery is a Piade from the North at the local Piadeneria.

Heres a Recipe for Gnocchi:


1 kg old potatoes

200gr (max 250) white flour

1 egg (not needed if the potatoes are really old and good)
pinch of salt
pinch of nutmeg (if you like it)

Boil the potatoes, smash them, until warm mix quickly with flour and egg, form a roll with a finger diameter, cut in pieces, throw the dumpling in boiling salted water and wait as they come on the surface.

Serve with your preferred sauce.

Paradiso Della Frutta 

Via Pastrengo 30 ,

Bussolengo 37012


Tel: 045 7151937 


Via Ponte 55 / a | San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)

Tel / Fax 045 8781791 |  contatti@saporeverona.it

Opening hours

Monday: 18.30 – 23

Tuesday to Sunday: 11.30 – 14.30 | 18 – 23

Friday and Saturday nights the service is deployed in two shifts: 19:21 hours


ISRAEL Teresa Branches

Rishon Le Zion Cinema City

Posts on Italy  Check out Translating Dreams:     http://wp.me/pR7TH-6U


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