Bring on the Brocolli Penne

Bring on the Brocolli Penne

Mascarpone, Mozarella,   all cheeses I associate with Italy. Shavuot a festival for those with a sweet tooth. Even in far away Australia Italian food is considered a staple along with Pavlovas and Lamingtons. My favourite cheese cake is made from 5% Cream cheese and topped with chocolate.
Every 2 years on Shavuot I make it in memory of Rina from Kibbutz Afikim.  Still I have modified the base as I prefer the crust from crumbed biscuits and this year I used 1 Kg of 5% Cream Cheese when in previous years I used 750gr. Both amount are equally good. In Italy we ate Tiramisu which is made with Mascarpone and recently I decided to use it for a savoury dish of baked cauliflower with Sage which turned out delicious. Mascarpone is a very fattening cheese so I will try to use it sparingly although it is one of my favourites. In my home Mozarella reigns but I find it a bit bland as I prefer spicier cheeses for savoury dishes. Still Lasagne is a favourite and a recipe with tomatoes and 5% Cottage cheese follows. I like Italian food so much that when my son convinced me to go to Spagettim with a guest from the Hashmonite Kingdom we devoured a delicious Penne with Brocolli, Almonds and ricotta cheese with a salad using Balsamic vinegar in the dressing. Still this time I decided to forget the dessert although my son and the visitor from our neighbouring country did and promised to return to Israel again to share stories over Italian dishes.

Italian Food on the Go

Italian Food on the Go

In Italy we discovered a Piadineria in Salo and I tried the savoury version as we strolled around Lake Garda gardens and the promenade.   Of course after eating my Piade I ate a Sorbet Gelato before we headed back to Verona.   via PIADINE WITH SWEET FILLINGS.

Cheese Cake Please

Cheese Cake Please

Rinas Cheese Cake

Cheese Mix Chocolate Sauce topping
1 cup sugar 6 Spoons sugar
3 egg yolks 3 Spoons Cocoa & 3 Spoons Milk
Vanilla Essence (teaspoon)

First Cook Choc Sauce until l Sugar boils  then add 1/2 pack margarine and mix
Next after beating together 1 Kg Cream cheese (5%)
Pour onto  biscuit crumb base and pour over Chocolate sauce then place cake in fridge  overnight
Serve with your favourite drink.

Cheese Lasagne

Cottage Cheese Layer Tomato Sauce Layer 
2 Tubs Cottage Cheese  5% Tomato Paste
2 Eggs 2 Cloves garlic crushed
Parsley,Salt & Pepper Oregano, Salt & Pepper

In a dish place Lasagne Noodles, Yellow cheese, Cottage cheese layer add in Parsley and salt & pepper then remaining layer of tomato sauce, top it off with a layer of yellow cheese and bake at 180 Degrees C.

Then Serve with your favourite salad.


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