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Winter Lights and Hanukah in Israel

Now the sun is out after it snowed here in Jerusalem but this time I took a raincheck, just thought you might like a pic of me and my Snowman from many years ago. Every year it snows for a few days in Jerusalem normally it happens in January or February and on a lucky year it occurs twice.  Nothing like a hot soup to keep one warm.

To think just the other week we entertained Evelyn Hannon from Journey woman and half of Israel was out sunbaking at the beach. Reminding me of Australian Summer I even got to celebrate my birthday just before Hanukah for the first time in Israel in the sun.   Still  dreaming of those days by the Pacific ocean enjoying the flowers nearby and thinking of how pretty March is in Israel when the Poppies bloom and we can go hiking again.

But we just celebrated Hanukah for the Festive Season and although this year I bought doughnuts/sufganiot we did light the Hanukiah a few times at home and spent time dancing to songs and spinning our Savivonim.

So Miracles happen spending time with friends we had lost touch with and even being invited to a local restaurant Opening Ristoretto where I ate a delicious dish. Sweet potato rolls deep fried with Halumi cheese and a side salad.

Remnants of a great dish at Ristretto Modiin

Remnants of a great dish at Ristretto Modiin

Next time I’ll try their special Georgian dish. But this Hanukah was different saddened by family whom are suffering having recieved a death sentence  I tried to keep the children happy and enjoy like I do most Hanukahs.

Still trying out a recipe of Latkes which was a hit with my 3 year old son whom refused to eat them if I called them Levivot.  Even I get surprised having to revert to my Ashkenazi roots in a Sephardi household.  So of course I showed my children that its more than latkes, and Hanukah Gelt and the main thing is  Gezunt Heit so we can keep singing as we await the New Year Celebrations for 2014.

Dancing Dreidel

Dancing Dreidel

Truly a treat for a savoury dinner or lunch especially for children below is a new recipe I tried out that can also be accomplimented with your favourite tomato sauce even when it isn’t Hanukah. Tomato, Pumpkin or vegetable soups are a great addition to finish of feeling thankful that you can celebrate festivities throughtout the winter until its time to swim again.


Bunch of Basil, 2 Garlic Cloves,1/2 Cup of Olive Oil and 2 Spns Pine Nuts/Walnuts

Ok, Once the above Pesto Sauce has been blended to a smooth paste. We continue by grating the potatoes.

Add a thinly Sliced Onion to a Cup of Sliced Green olives to the Potato mix with the 5 beaten egg,2 Spoons flour and Salt and Pepper. Once the mixture has blended in evenly mould the latkes and fry until golden added to your favourite salads serve with sour cream or sprinkled grated cheese if you don’t mind the added calories.


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